Streamline Application Connectivity with Backing Services

KubePreset is a Kubernetes operator that aims to streamline application connectivity with backing services. KubePreset implements the Service Binding Specification for Kubernetes.

From the spec introduction:

Today in Kubernetes, the exposure of secrets for connecting applications to external services such as REST APIs, databases, event buses, and many more is manual and bespoke. Each service provider suggests a different way to access their secrets, and each application developer consumes those secrets in a custom way to their applications. While there is a good deal of value to this flexibility level, large development teams lose overall velocity dealing with each unique solution. To combat this, we already see teams adopting internal patterns for how to achieve this application-to-service linkage.

This specification aims to create a Kubernetes-wide specification for communicating service secrets to applications in an automated way. It aims to create a widely applicable mechanism but without excluding other strategies for systems that it does not fit easily. The benefit of Kubernetes-wide specification is that all of the actors in an ecosystem can work towards a clearly defined abstraction at the edge of their expertise and depend on other parties to complete the chain.

Disclaimer: KubePreset project is my side project and not endorsed by my employer. If you need any further clarity about it, please reach out to me directly. – Baiju Muthukadan (Creator of this project)


This project is in the Beta stage right now. The recommended approach for installation is through Helm charts

Helm must be installed to use the charts. Please refer to Helm’s documentation to get started.

Once Helm has been set up correctly, add the repo as follows:

helm repo add kubepreset https://kubepreset.github.io/helm-charts

If you had already added this repo earlier, run helm repo update to retrieve the latest versions of the packages. You can then run helm search repo kubepreset to see the charts.

To install the kubepreset chart:

helm install my-kubepreset kubepreset/kubepreset

To uninstall the chart:

helm delete my-kubepreset